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CoGardener was created to make growing food more accessible.

Growing food takes time, and after taking care of life, most of us don't have much time left over. That was our problem - we loved the IDEA of growing our own food, but we also had to go to work, drop off the kids, make dinner, have fun, go away for a few days, and sleep. There just wasn't much time left for growing food, so our attempts were always ended by a garden that overheated, or froze, or dried out, all because we forgot to tend it for a day or two. So we created CoGardener.

With CoGardener, you still get to smell that earthy smell, see the worms, and get your hands dirty. All that soul-nourishing earth stuff is still there for you. But you don't need to do it every single day. If something else comes up (and it will), your garden will be OK. CoGardener's got you covered.

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